Hinterland Wheat Flour – Grown and processed in the Yukon


This flour was grown and processed here in the Yukon, it is a hard Spring Wheat, which gets its name from the reddish- brown color of kernels, is sown in spring and harvested in late summer or early fall. It has the highest protein content of all wheat varieties and makes it therefore an excellent choice for baking due to its good gluten strength.
This hearty flour has a full-bodied whole wheat flavor and great rising abilities which makes it perfect for baking artisan breads, pizza dough, rolls and other yeasted recipes. Mix this flour with lower gluten flours such as barley or rye to add variety to your baking.
The Amiot Family has been farming grain in the fertile soil of the Yukon River Valley for almost a decade. The short growing seasons long days of intense sun cultivate nutritious wholesome grains that thrive in the unique Yukon environment.
All grain is milled using a traditional stone mill which results in a more nutritious and less refined product.